Saving Lives While Saving Money

Aug 15

The Living Kidney Donor Support Act would benefit tens of thousands of Americans and save billions of tax dollars. The United States does not have enough transplant kidneys to provide…

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The high out-of-pocket cost of donating a kidney

Aug 04

“All of your medical and surgical expenses will be paid by your recipient’s insurance,” the nurse coordinator at the Mayo Clinic told me. Naïve, I nodded into the phone at…

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A Living Kidney Donor Saved My Father’s Life — Others Aren’t So Fortunate

Aug 02

When a beloved character in a movie needs a life-saving organ transplant, it almost always magically works out for a happy ending. My father’s story went this way, and I am forever thankful…

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The Kidney Transplant Collaborative Shares Statement Regarding Grant Recipient Success Story

Jul 31

Washington, D.C. (July 31, 2023) – The Kidney Transplant Collaborative (KTC) today shared a statement regarding a historic success story from Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates (KODA), one of KTC’s inaugural…

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Opinion: As we examine organ-transplant failures, let’s making living donations a key focus

May 16

Nearly 106,000 Americans are currently on the transplant waiting list. Sadly, 17 of them will die each day waiting for the organ that could save their lives.

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Kidney Transplant Collaborative Economic Impact Study Shows Living Kidney Donor Support Act Would Triple Rate of Living Donors

May 10

Washington, DC (May 10, 2023) The Kidney Transplant Collaborative (KTC) today announced that the results from a recent economic impact study about the Living Kidney Donor Support Act indicate the…

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Podcast: Saving a Life, Saving the World: Organ Transplant, Living Donation, and more!

Mar 31

KTC's David Farber and Martha Gershun discuss the state of kidney transplants in America and organ donation with Rabbi Yanklowitz on the Uri L'Tzedek: Orthodox Social Justice podcast.

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